Timeline Tours

Join us during the 2017 Cambridge Science Festival (April 14-23) on a walk through Earth’s storied history, spanning 4.567 billion years—shrunken down to a third of a mile along the Charles River! Our annual to-scale geologic timeline will be installed along Memorial Drive between Mass. Ave. and Ames St., near Building 1 (map).

On this page you will find , a description of the timeline, and maps of where it is installed; closer to the festival, we will also post the tour schedule (and how to arrange school group tours by appointment). You can also explore an online interactive of the timeline on this page or see each timeline sign with a more detailed description here.

About the Timeline

Earth’s history stretches back over 4.567 billion years. How are we supposed to grasp such a vast number? We’ve shrunken it down to a third of a mile along the Charles River, and invite you to join us on a walk through time to tour the many incredible events during Earth’s long and storied history: the formation of the oceans, the origin of life, the first animals, the rise and fall of dinosaurs, and the appearance and evolution of our own species (to name just a few). With each inch representing a staggering 240,000 years, you’ll cover millions of years with every stride and feel the rush of deep time travel as you stroll through the eons to gain a new perspective on the immensity of geologic time.


Interactive Timeline