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Detox Pills For Weed: The Fastest Way To Get THC Out Of Your System

If you smoke a lot of marijuana and are up for a drug test soon, then the search for detox pills for weed is a common one. But to learn how to get THC out your system means knowing how to do several things that people are often unaware of.

So what we’re going to look at here is how to use detox pills for weed, in fact, detox pills for all drug metabolites. I’m going to tell how to do a natural detox, to maximize your chances of success, alongside using.

Plus, I’ll let you in on a little-known secret about THC detox pills that catch a lot of people out. I’d hate for you to part with money for inferior pills, and fail a drug test, so it’s important you stick with me to the end here, so that you learn how people are getting caught out and ripped off.

How THC Metabolites Work In The Body

 THC metabolites work in the body slightly differently to most other types of drug metabolite.

What happens when you smoke a joint, is that the THC is converted into various metabolites that work their way out of your bloodstream, into the cells of your body, and then over time they work their way out through your stools and urine. The fact they work their way out through stools, as well as urine, is an important difference between THC metabolites and most other types of drug.

For a light weed smoker, this process can take just a few days. But for someone who is smoking regularly, those metabolites build up in the cells and start to take much longer to work their way out. So the more you smoke, the longer it takes, sometimes up to a month for all the metabolites to exit the body.

Also, weed metabolites are slightly different from most other drugs because they work their way primarily out of your bowels, not your urine. This is because THC metabolites tend to attach to fat cells, which then attach to bile, which then gets taken out of the body through the bowels.

Around 60% of THC metabolites work their way out of the bowels, leaving up to 40% to work their way out through urine. 

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How To Detox At Home

The first part in learning how to get THC out your system is to do a home drug detox, basically a natural detoxification of your body. This involves eating well. It means low-fat, whole grain, fiber, fruit, vegetables, no rubbish.

It means cutting out toxins, stop taking drugs, stop taking in caffeine, alcohol, anything that makes the body struggle to process things. It means exercising every day, sweating, going to the sauna, working those metabolites out of your body through the pores, and accelerating their exit through exercise.

A home drug detox is also about drinking lots of water and making sure you urinate, and sit on the toilet, frequently, to make sure you’re eliminating toxins as quickly as possible.

If you are a light weed smoker, you should be able to naturally detox in about five days. If you are a heavy smoker, it could take a couple of weeks, and if you’re really chronic, or your build, or metabolism, makes you unlucky, then it could be up to a month.

But this time can be accelerated dramatically with high-quality detox pills. So let’s talk about the best marijuana detox pills, and how to use them.

how to get THC out of your system

How To Get THC Out Of Your System

So look, if you want to know how to get weed at your system fast, then you already know you’ve got to do a natural detox, probably for about a week, sometimes two.

You can really accelerate that by using detox pills for weed. Now I’m going to put a dampener on things right now, by telling you that there is no such thing as a specific detox pill for weed.

The reason for this is that these types of pill claim they target THC toxins. They contain things which help to increase the rate at which you pass stools. They also can contain things like pectin, which are fibers, which can draw more bile into the gut, and attach more metabolites to them. But the success rate with such small amounts of this type of fiber is questionable.

The truth is that even if you could drag out the 60% of metabolites through your bottom, you’d still have 40% to work out through your urine, which these pills don’t claim to target. Some will claim they are balanced, but it’s all marketing.

A good quality detox pill will get rid of all drug toxins. It does this because those toxins are attached to the cells in the body. I hope you can see, that THC pill which claims to target toxins by dragging them out with fiber, is only increasing the rate at which the ones already outside the cells in the body leave the system. They don’t help to actually get the THC metabolites into the bowel in the first place.

Best Detox Pills For Weed

detox pills for drug testSo the best marijuana detox pills are going to be the same as for any type of drug metabolite.

They will work by introducing vitamins and minerals into the body, that help to allow it to work at peak capacity.

Good quality home drug detox pills also contain other special ingredients which help to increase the rate at which you pass stools, and urinate, and that help your body to push the metabolites free from the cells more quickly as well.

The two I would recommend are called Toxin Rid, and Rescue 5 Day Detox.

Toxin Rid is the best brand. It will work for any type of drug metabolite.

You can get it in course lengths from one day, through to 10 days, although I wouldn’t recommend anything less than the three-day course if you want to guarantee success. Toxin Rid can speed up the elimination of toxins but 50%, turning a 10-day detox into a five day one.

If you can’t get Toxin Rid, you can’t afford it, then Rescue 5 Day detox is definitely the closest to detox pills for weed that you will get, without wasting your money on pills that are overpriced, because they claim to be able to specifically target THC metabolites. It’s not as effective, only speeding things up by about 25%, but that will still knock quite some time of detox for your average weed smoker.